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You will find a Notes tab on every record type you access within Jupix. This is where documents, contact notes and general notes that relate to a specific property, contact or progression can be stored.  You can also communicate with your contacts via this section.


The Notes section defaults to view the 10 most recent notes. You can view all notes if you click All from within the Action filter dropdown menu

This article includes: 

How to add a note

  1. Click Add Note to record a new note in a simple text box and choose from the following actions:
    1. Note Type allows you to choose whether you are adding a note, email or call
    2. Private will mean it can only be viewed by the user who created it
    3. Update Last Contacted Date will update the contact record with the last date contacted
    4. Record Owner will default to the user who created the note
    5. Record Locked ensures only the record owner can edit or delete it
    6. Keep This Note At The Top will keep the note at the top of the page.  All new notes created will appear below in date order
    7. Details is where comprehensive information of the note should be added

How to log a call 

  1. Click Log Call to record a note with all the same options as Add Note above but with the option to:
    1. Schedule a Follow Up Call - This creates a To-Do against the record to prompt the follow up call for the date and time scheduled

How to send an email 

  1. Click Send Email to open your default mail client and compose a new email to the contact. The Bcc automatically populates with an address which logs the email sent into the Notes section of Jupix. Please don't delete this

How to send a text message 

  1. Click Send Text to compose an SMS using your Jupix text message account. Sending a text message updates the contacts last contacted date

How to add an appointment

  1. Click Add Appointment to add a viewing, market appraisal or just a generic appointment related to this record. A diary entry then appears for the attending staff

How to upload a document

  1. Click Upload New Document to browse for a word .doc or .pdf from your computer and upload it to Jupix

How to create a word document

  1. Click Create Word Document to create a new word document from a list of your pre-defined Jupix templates
  2. Once created and added to the notes, click Open to open the document and make changes. If you click the envelope, you can email the document to the contact

You can also filter the Notes displayed using the filter options. For example, setting the Type filter to Email will just show you emails sent from Jupix, and notes added with a Note Type of Email.

You can also search the Notes section by clicking in the Details box under the action buttons and entering in a description of the note you are searching for. 


When copying and pasting emails into Notes, please be aware that inserting a large amount of text without any formatting can cause the Notes section to display incorrectly. For example, a long URL with no spaces may be wider than the size of the text box available

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