Email with pdf attachment or embedded image

Jonathon Blakeley
Jonathon Blakeley
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Batch Action emails cannot be sent from Jupix with attachments. However, there are alternative options available. 

First, create an adhoc email template.

  1. Select Admin from the main homebar
  2. Click System Configuration on the dropdown
  3. Click Edit next to Custom Email Templates
  4. Click Add New
  5. Add all the content (merge codes can be used)
    1. Type an appropriate Template Name to help everybody to identify this template in future
    2. Type the Email Subject
    3. Type the Email Body
    4. Select which departments should use this template using the tick boxes
  6. Click Save
  7. Click on either Applicants or Landlords from the main homebar
  8. Click Advanced Search at the bottom of the dropdown menu
  9. In either the Generate Applicant List or Search Landlords sections, enter your search criteria
  10. Click Search
  11. Filter the results accordingly using the options on the side. You can also filter based on Contact Name and Address
  12. Click Send Adhoc Mailout
  13. Scroll down to the Email Options section
    1. Select the email Template created earlier from within the dropdown menu
    2. Alongside Attach File, click Choose file to locate and link in the attachment
  14. Click Send


To send a bulk email with an embedded image:

  1. Send the image to Support. Click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, adding in the image as an attachment
  2. Support will add it in to your media library and in to your chosen email template
  3. You can then add content to the email template
  4. Follow steps 7 to 14 above