Add Note isn't showing

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Occasionally, the action buttons may not be visible on the Notes screen.

This occurs when a large amount of text has been copied and pasted into a note without any formatting. The text that was pasted as a note doesn't fit the width of the text box, making the note itself too wide to fit the screen. Therefore, the action buttons may no longer be visible. 


To correct this:

  1. Find the note that has extended the Notes section
  2. Use your mouse and left click next to the contents of the note and drag your mouse across to the right of the screen so the text is highlighted


As you drag the mouse, while highlighting, you will see the screen start to move across. Continue to do this until you can see Edit and Delete next to the note on the right-hand side. Click Edit


Ensure the text fits the width of the text box by pressing Enter on your keyboard before every line meets the edge of the box.


This will make each line of text shorter and the note longer. Click Save once you are sure the text fits the box.

You now have visibility of all action buttons within the Notes section.

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