The Document Editor

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The Document Editor module is integrated in to the Jupix software application and allows a user to create, edit and delete document templates. 


  • The Document Editor is not compatible with Apple Mac machines
  • The Document Editor is solely for creating and editing document templates. Using it for anything other than this may cause errors and any information entered may not be saved

This article includes: 

Installing the Document Editor

  1. Enter into your Internet Explorer browser
  2. On the login page, click Download Document Editor in the bottom right of the screen
  3. Click Run on the pop-up and follow the on screen instructions to install the application

Once completed, a desktop icon appears

  1. Right click on the desktop icon and rename it Jupix Document Editor


Logging in to the Document Editor

  1. Double click on the Jupix Document Editor icon on your desktop
  2. Enter your normal login details and click Sign In

Creating and editing documents

Once you've logged in, it will provide you with a list of your existing templates with the ability to Edit/Delete and create your own.

The Master template will be used as the basis to create each subsequent template. It contains margin, layout settings and a custom header and footer that can only be changed by Jupix.

Creating a Template

  1. Click Create New Document Template on the right hand side
  2. Complete the Template Name with a suitable name to identify the document
  3. Assign it to the relevant Departments in which you would like the the document to appear
  4. Assign the System Placement. This dictates where in the system you'll be able to create the document from. Choosing the correct placement will also provide you the necessary merge tags to enter into the template
  5. Click the appropriate Automatic System Document, if applicable, from the dropdown menu. You can assign letters to a specific action within Jupix such as Tenancy Agreement or Sales Pack

Help with creating content

  1. Decide if you want help to build the template 
    • Always leave this set to Yes
  2. Choose your branch letterhead, if required, by selecting from the options in Apply Master Document
  3. Select who the letter will be addressed to. This can be multiple contacts which will produce multiple letters
  4. You can select whether to include the Re: Property Address merge code and if you would like to sign the letter off with the Signature Block merge code. This will include Yours sincerely, Users name and Company

Once these have been completed, you can save the template.

Editing the document template

  1. Once the new template is saved, click the Word icon to open and edit the letter
    1. Alternatively, if you're editing an existing document from the list of documents, click Edit first and then click the Word icon

Adding the content

The template will open in the Word program that you have installed on your PC. To add content, use Word as normal. You can also change the formatting of your template, i.e the font.

Adding tags in to your letter

When opening a template to edit, the merge tag sections will appear at the top of the screen.

To add a merge tag to the template:

  1. Click the area on the page where you wish to insert the merge tag
  2. From the menu on the left in the top section, click the relevant Merge tag category and then click the Merge tag from the list on the right in the top section
  3. Click Insert Tag to apply it to the template

Procedure for saving templates

Once you have finished editing the template:

  1. Click Save and Close to return to the Jupix application or Save and Test to preview your finished template
  2. Ensure you click Save again in the Jupix application before returning to your list of templates

Deleting a template

  1. Click Delete against the template you wish to remove from your template list
  2. Enter Your Deletion Code in the Please Enter Code field, to proceed
  3. Click Confirm Delete

Once deleted, the template cannot be restored.

Once you are finished editing documents, please log out of the Document Editor and log back in to Jupix as you would normally (by accessing the main login page).

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