Ordering Print from Ravensworth through Jupix

Ordering Print from Ravensworth

To watch a short video of this process please see Ordering Print from Ravensworth via Jupix

N.B The ability to order prints via the Ravensworth Instant Print application is a user permission.  This is enabled by default but can be enabled/disabled on a user to user basis by anyone with the Manage Users permission. Go to ‘Admin’, ‘Manage Users’ and the ‘Partner Permissions’ section making the required selection for ‘Ravensworth Order Prints’.  Please see Why Can't I Order Prints from Ravensworth? for more information.

Go to the Property record and click in the Media tab.

Click on Create New Brochure and select the template you wish to create.

Once created click Convert To PDF.

Once converted click on Order Prints from under the PDF details.

You will then be presented with the Ravensworth 'Instant Print' application.  

This is a 3 step process, and the first step is Artwork Preview.  

From this page you can click through the pages of your brochure using the right and left arrow buttons.  When you are happy, click on the Confirm button at the bottom.  

The second step is Select Print Options.  From here you can choose the format of your brochure.  Once happy click on Confirm. 

Once you have clicked confirm you get a few more options to choose from.  

Select your preferred paper weight.  Once selected you will be automatically taken to the lamination tab.  

Select your lamination options and then you will be moved on to Quantity (you can go back to Paper Weight or Lamination at any time by clicking on the tabs).  

Once you have selected the Quantity you would like, the Continue to Checkout button will be activated, clicking on that will move you to step three, Checkout.  

Check the final order details, Billing and Delivery details, and then click "Confirm Order".  You can Amend Order if you need to.  Prices are exclusive of delivery, please click HERE for more information. 

N.B Please check the delivery address here. 

Click "Place Order" to finalise your order.  

You will get confirmation within the Order window that your order is complete and you can make note of your order number.  

Back on to the property record within Jupix, you will see on the Notes tabs, the record confirming you have made the Ravensworth order.  


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