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Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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We know how daunting it is to move software providers - particularly when it comes to the data migration process.

That's why we’ve created a new data migration experience that’s bespoke to you, providing a seamless migration to Alto - with minimal downtime and disruption to day-to-day business.

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What are the benefits of migrating?

The new-and improved migration experience will unlock significant time-saving benefits for you and your team, if you choose to switch to Alto.

You could be fully migrated in just four weeks* and that's including time for your team to get up to speed with training. You'll then be ready to use all of the new Alto features and API integrations we've been investing in, including enhanced reporting, and tenant and landlord document sharing.

Our new 'Progress Tracker' will keep you updated with the progress of your data migration, including checklists of everything you need to do before, during and after your migration.

You'll also receive access to our new eLearning and video-style training that can be completed at a time that suits you. Plus a suite of in-product guides to help your team hit the ground running as soon as they log in.
*Four weeks from your secured migration date

Which data is migrated?

As part of the migration, several datasets will be transferred automatically. These include:

  • Property and Contacts records
  • Property Media (photos, floorplans, EPCs or any documents linked to a property)
  • Transactional data (offers, agreed offers, viewings and valuations)
  • Diary details and contacts

Our migration experience also includes the migration of 'Portfolios' to Alto’s 'Payment Groups' - saving the typical agent an average of 16 hours of manual data entry. Plus, it reduces the risk of costly admin errors.

How can I migrate?

Fancy taking part in our new migration experience? Migrate here.

Once you've registered your interest, our Alto experts will be in touch to explain the process and how we'll tailor the migration to suit your individual business needs.


  • Is Alto a completely different system to Jupix, or is it just a migration?

Alto is a different system, however, it incorporates many of the same features and functionality to help you do your job easier and quicker than before.

With its workflow focussed design, Alto is a more user-friendly system to use and also benefits from a range of new features including enhanced reporting and tenant and landlord document sharing – with lots more to come.

Alto has extensive training which is delivered through on-demand eLearning and videos, and it gives customers the opportunity to tailor their training to both their needs and availability.

For more information on the key differences between Alto and Jupix, please see the below video:

  • How do I learn more about Alto?

The Alto website is packed full of product feature information, including details of all our latest functionality and partnerships in our innovation hub, Alto Agenda. Agents can also hear from other agents who chose Alto in our case studies section, which includes our video case study series Alto Asks.

For more information on Alto, please see the below video:

  • Why should I move to Alto

Alto is our core cloud-based software brand and is benefitting from ongoing significant investment. Similar to Jupix, Alto is a one-stop shop for agents for their sales, lettings, property management and accounts needs, but offers a number of additional benefits including up-to-date features and functionality, a growing number of third-party proptech integrations and industry-leading customer engagement tools.

Agents who would like to migrate to Alto will be supported by a bespoke migration experience, alongside a series of on-demand training videos, to ensure a smooth and quick transition from Jupix.

  • What does the migration from Jupix to Alto entail? What is Zoopla doing to ensure disruption to my business is minimised?

An expedited and enhanced data migration will allow you to be set up on Alto in record time and with minimal disruption. Our industry leading data migration and self-serve training process can take as little as 4 weeks, with a start date of your choosing (depending on availability).

To support you, we’ve included additional data structures to minimise the manual workload and we will also be migrating some additional data that’s not usually included in the process. This includes information on rental charges, commission structures, and the migration of ‘Portfolios’ in Jupix to Alto ‘Property Groups’.

We also have flexible training options that’ll allow you to work at your own pace and move as quickly as possible, rather than taking long breaks out of your day for training sessions at a fixed time.

  • What will the training consist of?

We’ve taken time to establish the most effective way to train new users on Alto, and created a tailored eLearning process that will include product guides, modules and videos that you can work through at your own pace – to ensure training works around your business.

  • Is my data safe? How long will the migration from Jupix to Alto take?

It’s very important to us that your data is migrated as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Once Jupix customers select their migration date, the transfer of data can begin within just 24 hours of the selected date – and the progress of the transfer can be monitored by customers in real-time via the ‘Progress Tracker’. A typical migration will take 4 weeks from the selected date.

You’ll receive a confirmation email when the data has been migrated and to enable a seamless transition, you’ll also be provided with a simple checklist to make sure you’re up-and-running as soon as possible – with minimal disruption. This will also be supported by on-demand eLearning and video training for agents, which is available for you to complete at a time convenient to you.