Unable to Print PDFs

In some areas of the system, Jupix uses an add on from your .pdf viewing application to view .pdfs without leaving Jupix. You can then print these .pdfs such as market appraisal sheets from Jupix.   Due to a recent update to a popular application, Adobe, you might encounter issues printing these .pdfs. Below are the options you can follow in order to rectify this issue;

You might need consult your IT to confirm the best solution for you.

Amend the Adobe Settings – the settings in Adobe can be adjusted to allow printing from Internet Explorer.

  • Open Adobe from the start menu
  • Select Edit, and then go to Preferences

  • pdf_article.png
  • Go to Security (Enhanced), and untick the section Enable Protected Mode at startup
  • Adobe and Internet Explorer will then need to be shut down, and reopened for the changes to take effect.

Disable the Adobe Add-on for Internet Explorer – this option will turn off the PDF viewer across Internet Explorer, and will result in no PDFs previewing and they will all open in your application away from Jupix and Internet explorer.

  • Go to the cog in the top corner of your browser, and select Manage add-ons
  • Then select the drop down and change this to All add-ons
  • Select Adobe PDF Reader, and then click on Disable in the bottom cornerpdf_article_5.png

Install an alternative PDF application – We do not recommend to install any particular applications, and so there are other providers which do the same job as Adobe and so these can be install to replace Adobe.

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