Why Arent My Inspections Automatically Rescheduling?

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Why aren’t my tenancy inspections automatically rescheduling?


The inspections can be set to automatically schedule, this will put the inspection in the Inspections to book in the next 30 days section on the dashboard when it is due. If the inspection has not been scheduled, then it will not appear in here.

To make sure the inspections schedule automatically, make sure that there is a time period on the inspections tab on the tenancy.


Providing this is entered, when completing an inspection, it will ask you if you would like to schedule a new inspection.

If the inspection has not scheduled, this might be because the previous inspection might have been booked but not completed. To check this, the status on the inspections tab will be down as Booked and not Passed or Failed.


To progress this, click View on the inspection.


Then you will have the option to mark the inspection as ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’.

You can then put your notes from the inspection here. To schedule the next inspection, make sure the ‘Schedule Next Inspection?’ box is ticked.


Once you have saved this, you will see that the next inspection will have scheduled.