Why Does My Property Match Not Open?

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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I have run a property match and selected a full brochure but when I try and open it, its not opening?


When you run a property match with a full brochure Jupix looks for the EPC report. A web error will be displayed if the EPC is locked/protected. This may be linked to the way your EPC provider has sent this to you. In order for you to be able to check if this is the case please follow the below steps.

1. The error you will receive will read "The website cannot display the page"

2. You will need to go back to the properties within Jupix that you have included in the match

3. On each property you will need to go into the Media tab and scroll down to the EPC

4. Once the EPC is open you will see the below image of a padlock, this indicates the EPC is locked/protected


5. In order to unlock/unprotect the PDF you could ask your EPC provider to resend these to you in an unlocked/unprotected format. Alternatively there are tools which are available on the internet to do this for you.

6. Once this has been obtained the original EPC in Jupix will need to be replaced. 

7. Run the match again.