Downloading a financial data export

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The steps below outline how to download a financial data export.

  1. Click Reports on the main homebar
  2. Within Financial Export, click Download Financial Export
    (You'll only see this option if the permission has been activated on your account)
  3. If the export is ready to be downloaded, it'll show Download in the Actions column
    If the Export Status shows In Progress ?, you can hover over the ? to see the current status


  4. Click Download
    (The download may take some time depending upon the size of the file)
  5. The .zip file will then open in your Downloads folder


  6. Open the file and click Extract all


  7. Select your Desktop as the location for the data to be saved. To do this, click Browse…


  8. Select your Desktop, then click Extract


  9. The folder contains an IMPORTANT - READ ME file along with folders for landlords, properties (including tenancies), reports and suppliers



Once the account has been deactivated, the financial history cannot be retrieved