Where Do I Find The Print Tray On Jupix?


Where do I find the Print Tray in order to print items from Jupix?


From the home page of Jupix you will see the Print Tray on the Left within the Shortcuts section.


Within the Print Tray the items that have been selected to print will appear in the Print Queue. What appears in the queue can be changed by changing the Owner to “My Office” and changing the Date Due.

Select Print next to the items you wish to print.


On the next page there are options to select before printing.

Yes – This will print the selected item

No – This will not print the selected item, however it will keep in in the Print Tray to print at a later date.

Remove – This will not print the selected item. It will remove the item from the Print Tray completely.


Once your selections have been made click Print. Selecting Yes will take you to the Download page.

Select Download Now.

Select Download Statement after the statement has been successfully generated.


Select Print.





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