Using and clearing the print tray

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Print Tray enables you to print items from Jupix.

Items that have been selected to print will appear in the Print Queue. What appears in the queue can be changed by changing the Owner to “My Office” and changing the Date Due.

Follow the steps below to print a document, or to clear any unwanted documents from the Print Tray.

  1. Click Home on the main homebar
  2. On the side menu, in the Shortcuts section, click Print Tray
  3. A list of documents (jobs) in the Print Tray will appear. Click Print on the far right side, for the document you wish to print and/or remove


  4. If you select:
    1. Yes - This will print the selected item
    2. No - This will not print the selected item, however it will keep in in the Print Tray to print at a later date
    3. Remove - This will not print the selected item. It will remove the item from the Print Tray completely, clearing it


  5. Once your selections have been made, click Print
  6. Selecting Yes will take you to the Download page. Click Download Now
  7. Click Download Statement after the statement has been successfully generated