The Difference between "Reject" and "No" - Property Match

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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The Difference between "Reject" and "No" on Property Match.

If applicants  have re-appeared in the match results, despite you previously declining the match, it's down to the option you selected originally.

The below points clarify the difference between the 'No' and ‘Reject' options when running a property match in Jupix.

'No' - The applicant will not be sent the property at this time; however if you run the same property match at a later date the applicant will appear again in the match results.

'Reject' - The applicant will never be matched to this property again; you would use this in cases where the property doesn't match specific applicant requirements. Such as being above a shop which isn't what the applicant is looking for.

You can choose to include the ‘Rejected’ applicants by un-ticking the ‘Exclude Rejected Applicants’ option from the applicant match screen; this option is selected by default when running a match in Jupix though.