Deposit is showing mid transfer

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When you're viewing a tenancy record, within the Deposit tab, you'll be able to see where the deposit is being held if you click More Details in the Deposits Held section. Deposit is mid-transfer shows if the deposit has been transferred between bank accounts but has not yet been reconciled.


Depending on where the money is being transferred to and from, both accounts will need to be reconciled.

This article includes: 

Transferring a deposit to the deposit account

  1. Scroll down to the Accounts section of My Dashboard and click Transfer deposits
  2. Ensure you transfer the deposit from the Rent Account to the Deposit Account
  3. Click Save
  4. Reconcile out of the Rent Account
  5. Reconcile in to the Deposit Account

Returning a deposit to the rent account

  1. Navigate to an active tenancy. On the tenancy Summary tab, click Special Actions
  2. Click Transfer Deposit to transfer the deposit from the Deposit Account to the Rent Account 
    1. Alternatively, if you click More Details next to the deposit on the Deposit tab, you'll also be able to click Transfer Deposit
  3. Reconcile out of the Deposit Account
  4. Reconcile in to the Rent Account