The Admin dropdown menu

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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The Admin Dropdown menu shows you how to set up and configure Jupix.  

Not all users get access to the Admin dropdown menu. This is a User Permission.  

If you need to have access, your system administrator can enable it for you, or an email can be sent to from a manager or director requesting the Admin tab to be enabled for that particular user.  


  • Edit Documents this allows you to view the list of document templates within your Jupix account. You can edit your templates or create a new template.  
  • Edit Brochures this allows you to view the list of Brochure and Window Card templates within your Jupix account. You can edit your templates or create a new template.  
  • Manage Users is where you go to edit an individual user's access levels or change their password details, and to add a new user.  

System Configuration is a link to a screen that has 10 sub-sections.  

  • Adhoc Email Templates – Add, edit, and remove Adhoc / Custom Email templates.
  • Branding & Email Templates – Add, edit and remove branding in emails for example: changing a colour
  • Advertising – allows you to add the companies where you advertise and when.
  • Appointment Types – Add, edit, or remove appointment types that appear in the diary.
  • Matching – Add, edit, or remove property match areas.
  • Property – Add, edit, or remove anything within a property record e.g. standard paragraphs/room names.
  • Stationery – Add, edit, or remove label templates.
  • System Settings – General system settings including exclusivity portal settings.

Lettings Configuration opens a screen with 6 subsections.  

  • Lettings Settings – Edit various system settings for the Property Management and Financial modules.
  • Deposit Schemes – This screen is used to set your default deposit schemes.
  • Tenant Charges – This is where default charges to the tenants are setup.
  • Landlord Charges – This is for setting up the default charges you will make to your landlords.
  • Safety Certificate Types – This shows a list of all safety certificates you can choose from and what you would like to use in the Jupix System.
  • Letting Fee Policies – This is for setting up letting fee policies that you would like to attach to any lettings property.
  • My Property File Configuration– This allows change and appearance of your My Property File.