Saving applicant lists

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In Jupix, you're able to save a list of applicants with specific criteria.

  1. Click Applicants on the main homebar
  2. Click Advanced Search
  3. The Generate Applicant List screen opens. Complete the fields as required in order to refine the search and produce the list of applicants you require. Common criteria are the Office, Record Owner, Contact Type, Date Added From and Date Added To 
  4. Click Search
  5. Once the list is generated, click View alongside the first applicant record in the list
  6. On the applicant record, in the top right-hand corner, click Save List
  7. The list is now saved under Saved Lists on the Applicants dropdown menu on the main homebar. Once you click on Saved Lists in the dropdown menu, you'll have the option to View, Rename or Delete the list

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