Adding Supplier Commission

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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You can add a Commission Rate to a Supplier – This will apply a commission rate to all invoices raised against that supplier

You will need to be on the contractor record to add this information

To add a Commission Rate click on Add Contractor Details


Now add the Commission Rate

  • This can be a Percentage or Fixed rate


When applied to an invoice the commission will include VAT.

Commission can also be amended / deducted from the Pay Suppliers Screen


Once the payment has been made to the supplier, a Commission Invoice will be created on the Supplier ledger


This Invoice will show the VAT amount included in the commission.


N.B; If you have a supplier that charges two sets of commission for example the gas fitter may charge £10 on every GSC but 10% on all other jobs, we would recommend that you set the contractor up twice, that way you can set the commission accordingly.