Copy A Withdrawn Property To Sales Or Lettings

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Copy a withdrawn Property to Sales or Lettings

Follow the informtion below to copy a Property with a status set to Withdrawn to Sales or to Lettings?

To copy a property over to another department the internal status must be set to Instructed. Please be aware that properties can only be copied between the Sales and Lettings departments. 

Search for the property you want to copy from the Find box under the Property tab.


Click Remarket Property on the property record. Ensure that all Websites are ticked, then click Save.


The property is now Instructed. Clicked Special Actions, then click Copy Property To Lettings Department. Complete the Letting Details and Save. You will need to switch departments to view the duplicated property.


To set the original property back to Withdrawn, click Special Actions and Withdraw.


The same can be done for a Lettings property.