Jupix not popping up when logging in

  • Updated

When entering your login details and clicking Sign In, your Jupix account should open on a separate window. If this does not happen then it is because Jupix has not been added as an Allowed Site in your Pop-up Blocker Settings.

To fix this you will need to run the Jupix Configuration File. For more information on the jupix configuration file click here

Alternatively, this can be fixed manually

  1. Click on the Tools cog on your browser.


  1. Select Internet Options then select the Privacy tab and under Pop-up Blocker select Settings
  2. Add the following to your Allowed Sites
    • *.jupix.co.uk
    • *.jupix.com
  3. Once added, close the Pop-up Blocker Settings and click Ok at the bottom of Internet Options

Jupix will now open as normal.