PropertyFile Configuration

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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PropertyFile Configuration:

Follow the 3 steps below to configure PropertyFile


1.PropertyFile Settings

From the Dashboard, select settings form the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Input your Agency name and Website address.  


2. Maintenance Issue Settings

In the event of your tenant reporting an emergency maintenance issue.  It is really important you set the default emergency contact details and Instructions at this point.


We recommend that you advise the tenant on what actions you wish them to take, and supply them with any emergency contact details you have.


This message will be displayed to tenants when they report a maintenance issue that THEY have marked as an emergency.


N.B We have provided an example under the help and advice link. 

3. Email Notification Settings

E-mail notifications are sent to let you know that a new maintenance issue or a new message has been received.


You can configure the e-mail addresses for these below, or leave them blank and the notifications will be sent to the office e-mail address instead.


You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma or a semi colon.


Now your PropertyFile is setup, why not invite yourself as a tenant and a landlord and test it for yourself?.