Why Can I Not See The Return Deposit Button?

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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How do I return a Deposit held by the Agency when there is no Return Deposit button?


When a deposit is held by the Agency, Jupix requires this to be held in a separate account and expects it to be transferred to your Deposit Account. When the time comes for it to be returned, it should then be transferred back to your rent account in order to be repaid to the relevant parties. If it has not been transferred into a deposit account, you will not be able to return the deposit when the tenancy ends.

Go to the tenancy that requires the deposit to be returned you will see that the Transfer Deposit / Return Deposit buttons are missing, this is an indication that the deposit has never been transferred to the Deposit Account.



Go to the Deposit tab, under Action, click on More Details.


Now click on Transfer Deposit.


The transfer will need to be reconciled out of the Rent account, it will then need to be reconciled into the Deposit account.

Once reconciled the Deposit will be available to Transfer back to the Rent account so it can be returned. Please see related articles

N.B. This process is not compatible with Auto Statement Upload if you do not physically transfer monies between bank accounts.