Add a direct sales instruction

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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 Adding a property into Jupix without an associated Market Appraisal is known as a Direct Instruction.

To begin creating a property record you will need to:

  1. Select Property on the main homebar
  2. Click Add New Property on the dropdown
  3. The New Property screen will open
  4. Select the record type of Direct Instruction
  5. You can search for an existing property owner using the Owner Name search box
  6. If the owner does not have an existing record, click Add New Owner and fill in their details
  7. Once you have selected or added the owner, fill in all of the
  • Property Details
  • Composition
  • Marketing
  • Features
  • Sale Details
  • Website Marketing
  • Viewing Arrangements

You have now created a property record

Exclamation marks will appear at the top of the property record to prompt you that some important data is missing. 

  1. Clicking on the [Resolve] link will open the appropriate section for you to complete

New Action buttons are now available in the Property Details section.  

  1. Clicking on the Put On Market button will open a screen for you to enter the Price or edit an existing figure
  • Enter a Match Price (is usually the same as the asking price, but would be used if, for example, any land with the property is available separately)
  • Select the tick box for POA if required
  • Set the Availability from the dropdown selection from On Hold, through For Sale to Withdrawn
  • Select the Price Qualifier from the dropdown selection from Asking Price to Starting Bid
  • From the Advanced Options section select the Board Status as required
  1. Left Click on the Save button

The Action buttons on the Property Details screen have now changed and the header now states that the property is on the market.  

The Action Buttons will now appear as:

  • Applicant Match – Jupix will search your applicant database for matches
  • Send Applicant Details – Email, post, text or hand out this property to an applicant
  • Hide From Market – Remove the property from the market (it remains instructed)
  • Vendor Contact – Allows you to schedule regular contact with the owner
  • Print – This will print the property file, including Notes, Viewings and Offers
  • Special Actions – allows you to Withdraw, Price Change, Duplicate This Property, Copy Property To Lettings Department, Activate Vendor Login and Delete or Archive the Property file


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