To access the TLC documents, go to the Admin tab and click on Edit Documents.

Please note: Edit Documents is a user permission. 


To preview a TLC document, click Download next to your chosen template.


It will then ask for your credentials. If they have already been saved within the Credential Manager, click OK. If not, your credentials are as follows:


Your Jupix Password


Click Save

Click Open

Select to open the template in Word

You will then be able to preview the template. TLC documents cannot be amended, however they can be saved locally on your PC.

If you would like to save your credentials within the Credential Manager, so you don’t need to keep typing them in, search "Credential Manager" from the search bar on your start menu.


From the Credential Manager, click on Window Credentials and then click to Add a generic credential.


Click Add Generic Credential


You will need to type in the following as shown below:

Internet or network address:

Username: YourJupixUsername@YourCompanyUsername

Password: Your Jupix login passwordblobid6.png

Go into your Jupix account and click on your settings.


Retype your Jupix password in the 2 password fields.


Now when you open a document, the below box will appear autofilled. Click OK to open the document.


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