Upload an invoice to a supplier ledger

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Follow the steps below upload an Invoice to an entry on the supplier ledger.  

  1. Select Contacts on the main homebar
  2. Enter the supplier’s name in the Find box
  3. Click Go
  4. From the relevant Contact Summary select the Supplier Ledger summary tab
  5. Find the ledger entry which you wish to upload an invoice to
  6. Click on the arrow next Unknown on the Supplier invoice
  7. This will then give you the option to Upload Supplier Invoice
  8. On the next screen Browse for the invoice which you wish to upload
  9. Select Open
  10. Click Save

When going back to the Supplier Ledger and selecting Unknown you will now see the option to:

  • Download
  • Replace
  • Delete the Supplier Invoice


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