End a tenancy without a deposit

Verity Stanford-Tuck
Verity Stanford-Tuck

Follow the steps below to end a tenancy where no deposit is held

You will need to ‘Start the renewal Process’ this will enter a ‘Renewal’ Tab between Summary and Tenant Ledger.

blobid3.png Once you have selected this it will take you to the following page where you will need to select ‘not renewing’:


Once not renewing has been selected you are now able to enter in some more details such as the tenancy end date and forwarding address, once the details are entered, press Save.

The next page will allow you to create any documents required for the landlord or tenants.

The documents will generate you will now see the option to mark the tenancy as ended:


Enter the entire move out details and set the status of the property again (instructed, withdrawn, let agreed). Here, you can also enter the moved out meter readings.