Lettings Instruction Process

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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This user guide, explains the process to carry out in Jupix when you have been instructed to take on a property, to Let.

Starting from the Home screen, you can either click oAppraisals awaiting a decision from the Dashboard, or select an appraisal from the Appraisals tab.

From the Appraisal record click Won. This will open the Appraisal Won screen for you to create your Instruction Letter and book a Markup And Measure in the diary.


Click Save button to enable Jupix to open the Appraisal record.

In this section there are five Action buttons, clicking the Instruct Property button will open the Instruct Property screen.


The top section allows you to fill in the property address details. The next section is the Composition of the property. You can make any changes on the record from here as it automatically populates with the details added from the Appraisal.



The next section is for the Marketing Details. This will be part populated from the appraisal but you will need to add more details such as the deposit, furnished or unfurnished and the next available date.


The next part of this section is for the Management DetailsLetting Fee and what is to be included with the property.


Summary Description -

  • Website And Portal Summary feeds to the portals and appears within the listings.
  • Text Message Summary appears in text messages that are sent out.
  • Newspaper Advert Summary feeds to the newspaper adverts through Jupix.


Features – This will feed to the portals / websites and can be set up to be pulled through to the property brochures.


Website Marketing - Here you can tick which portals / websites you want the property to feed to.

Website Flags allow you to feed the property with a specific flag, such as New Instruction. The website flags do not feed to the portals, these are only included in the XML.


Click Save this will take you to the Summary of the Property record.



Before clicking Put On Market, it is good practice to make sure all the errors in the top left of the have been resolved. To resolve the below example, then click resolve and then upload the EPC and images to the property.


Put On Market - allows you to put the property on to the market, if the price has changed then you can change the details here and you will get the chance to select the websites you would like to show the property on again. You will also have the chance to share the property on My Property File if this is set up on your account. To invite the landlord simply tick the box.


Print opens the Print Options screen for you to make a choice of what you would like to print from the property record.

Special Actions opens a further series of Action buttons;

  • Withdraw is to take the property off the market. You can create a Withdrawal letter and change the board status here.
  • Price Change is to facilitate changing the asking rent.
  • Duplicate This Property will make a duplicate record of the property record and will add the word 'Copy' in front of the address.
  • Copy to Sales Department will copy the property record to your Sales database and will allow you to enter the Sales Details of the property, in case the property is either For Sale or To Rent.
  • Order Marketing Pack From Key Agent will order your marketing details from Key Agent if it is set up with your account. 
  • Change Ownership is in case the property is sold as an investment, or you had incorrect details of the owner. Be aware though that this option will remove all traces of the original owner from the system.
  • System Log shows a brief summary of the last change of status.
  • Reset Property On Portals is a function that will force the property record to be included in the next portal feed, in case you have changed any details or photos of the property. Resetting affects media ONLY. If a property is not displaying on a portal, resetting it will have no effect.
  • Archive Property changes the status to Archived and deactivates the record. It can be reactivated at a later date if required
  • Delete Property will delete the record from the system.