Delete Diary Appointments

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Follow the steps below to delete Diary Appointments

Go to Diary and click into the required appointment.  Here you will see the following options: Delete Appointment, Delete Reoccurrence Series and Delete Subsequent Recurrences.


Deleting Appointments: 
Clicking on Delete Appointment, will take you to a confirmation screen where you will have to enter the code to confirm the Action. Simply enter the code and click on Confirm Delete.


This will remove the one appointment that you have selected.  All previous and any reoccurring appointments in this series will remain in the diary.

Delete a Reoccurring Series of Appointments: 
Clicking on Delete Reoccurrence Series will take you to the following window:


If you enter the deletion code as requested it will delete every appointment in this series, for every user.

Delete Subsequent Reoccurrences:
Clicking on Delete Subsequent Reoccurrence will delete the appointment which you’ve clicked on and every one thereafter. You must enter the 4 digit code to confirm this deletion.


The difference with this option is that all previous appointments remain which is useful if you have a member of staff who has left and wish to view history of their diary appointments prior to their departure.