Reimburse A Tenant For A Purchase

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Reimburse a Tenant for a Purchase

Follow the steps below to reflect a transaction in Jupix, where a tenant has bought an item for the property and the landlord has agreed to reimburse them for it.

Scenario 1: The money is to be refunded to the tenant 

Go to the Landlord Ledger

Add Landlord Expense, including the below fields

Expense Payable to: Supplier

Expense Type:

Description: This will appear on the Landlord Statement

Supplier Invoice Number: We recommend using the Tenants Name

Amount (£)

Inclusive of VAT

Choose Supplier: Tenant Refunds (add as new contact if required)

Then Save.


Once funds are available on the Landlord Ledger, the payment will show under Pay Suppliers on the Accounts Dashboard. Payment can then be made to the Tenant.


Scenario 2: The money needs to be deducted from the next rent

Follow the above steps to add the Expense to the Landlord ledger, once funds are available on the landlord ledger credit the outstanding charge.


Add the Credit Confirmation Code and Save.


Once credited you will be able to transfer the money to the tenant ledger.

Click on Special Actions, then Transfer Landlord Cash.

Complete the Transfer Details and select the Tenancy you wish to transfer the funds to, then Save.


The money has now been transferred to the Tenant Ledger, where it will allocate against any outstanding demands or can be refunded to the tenant.


Scenario 3: The tenant has under paid rent to cover expense


Go to the Property Ledger Tab, then under Management Details, Click Edit Details.

Change the Management Fee to zero, ensure there is a tick in the box Apply New Fee? And Save


Now go to the Property Ledger and add a Property Expense for the Management Fee for the full rent and Save.


Now go to the Accounts Dashboard, and Generate Landlord Statement.

Preview the statement and add a Statement Remark detailing why the Income is reduced, Confirm and Save.


Go to the Tenant Ledger, and click Credit Rent next to the outstanding rent demand.


This screen will allow you to credit the outstanding balance of the rent demand, enter the Credit Code and Save.


Now go to the Property Ledger Tab, then under Management Details, Click Edit Details. Change the Management Fee and Type back to the correct amount, and Save.


This will ensure that the Management Fee Invoice will be automatically generated in future.