Property match consent

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To enable Jupix to know how you wish to deal with applicants where their consent is still unknown, a default can be set.

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. Click System Configuration
  3. Scroll down to the System section and alongside System Settings, click Edit
  4. Scroll down to the Consent Settings section. Change the consent settings for Assume Unknown consent for property match is to Denied or Given 
    1. Tick or untick the Adhoc Mailout filter defaults

When sending out batch property matches from the property, applicants who have Denied consent will not be displayed. Those with Unknown consent will be displayed, or not, based upon your default setting.

Once the list has been generated, based on consent, the existing Preferred Contact Method (Email, Post, Telephone and Text Message) will be adhered to.

You'll be alerted to the consent setting of the applicants on the list and any applicants with unknown consent receiving property matches will be logged.


When individually selecting applicants by name to receive a property match/property details, there is no change in the functionality. However, the user will be made aware if the selected applicant has not given explicit consent to receive Property Match Details.

The below warning message will display on both the Send Property Details screen and the Run Property Match screens.



Any changes to the setting for Treat unknown consent for property matching as consented will also be logged.

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