How to fix documents not saving back to Jupix - read only

If you are using Word 2007 and are unable to save your documents because they are opening up in Read Only format, please follow the steps below to save your documents back to Jupix.  

If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 you will be unable to save your documents without signing into your documents using your user credentials.  

You will, therefore, need to set your Jupix account to use credentials.  

To do this:

  1. Click on your account settings below the Home tab
  2. Scroll down and ensure that Use Legacy Documents is ticked
  3. Click Save 


Next, you will need to save your credentials within your Credential Manager on your PC. 

This will allow you to open documents in Jupix without retyping your credentials each time.  

  1. Search for Credential Manager from your computer Start Menu
  2. Select Windows Credentials
  3. Click Add a generic credential
  4. Enter the following details
    1. Internet or network address:
    2. User name: yourusername@yourcompanyusername
    3. Password: Your Jupix login password
  5. Click OK

Now, when you open a document, a credential box will appear with your details already entered.  

Simply click OK to open the document. 

You should then be able to save any changes.  

Should it not let you sign in, please carefully retype your Jupix login password in both boxes within your account settings and try again.  

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