Intellilists For Viewings

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If you click Viewings on the main homebar and then click Show All, you'll be able to access the Viewings Intellilist. This allows you to refine your search for viewings.

This article includes: 

The viewings intellilist

The viewings Intellilist comes with the following set of standard quick views:

  • All viewings
  • Unconfirmed – This displays all unconfirmed Active viewings with a Viewing Status of Pending
  • Booked This displays all Active viewings that have been booked
  • Follow Up Required – This displays all Active viewings with a Viewing Status of Pending or Carried Out – Interested. These viewings will be due a follow up today or will be overdue
  • Notify Vendor - This displays all followed up Active viewings where the vendor needs to be notified of applicant feedback
  • Feedback Outstanding (optional view dependent on whether PropertyFile Plus is activated) - This displays viewings where online feedback has been received but not acknowledged
    For more information on Activating PropertyFile Plus, click here

For each of these views, you can further limit what you see based on ownership:

  • Viewings for All Offices
  • Viewings for My Office
  • Viewings in the users (negotiators) name will show in My Records Only

Each of these views can be accessed from the Viewings dropdown menu on the main homebar or from the Dashboard section of My Dashboard.

Columns and search options

The funnel icon allows you to refine your search of viewings. You can refine the search by type of viewing, property address or the applicant name that is viewing the property.


The grid icon allows you to choose which columns appear on-screen.


You can select available columns relating to Viewings, Applicants, Properties or Vendors by dragging the column you wish to appear on-screen to the Chosen Columns list on the right.

If you would like to keep the view created by selecting different columns, click My Views and then click Save as a new view

If you click Info ( i ) in the right hand column, you can view a summary of the viewing. Click View Full Details to view the Viewing record in full.

If you click Actions, the following options are available in the dropdown menu:

  • Export to CSV - Export the current list to .csv format
  • Print - Print the current list of viewings
  • Save as a new view - Save the columns selected on-screen as a new view
  • Reset current view - Reset to the default columns to the original view