How do I upload photos to a property when ActiveX isn't working?

If you find that ActiveX isn't working or you're having trouble uploading photos with the image uploader, you're able to amend your Image Uploader Preferences to either Java, Original or Basic, so that you can continue to upload property photos.

  1. On the Jupix Home screen, click Your Account (xxxx Account) at the top left of your screen


  2. Scroll down to the Image Uploader Preferences section. In the Default Image Uploader dropdown menu, either click Java, Original or Basic
  3. Click Save

Java works the same way as ActiveX and so when you're uploading photos, you can select multiple photos at one time, from a single file.
For more information on Setting the Image Uploader to Java and uploading photos, click here

If you selected Basic, when you click Upload New Photos, the Basic uploader will ask for you to click Browse and search for each image individually, before uploading them.


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