Viewings - Applicants Feedback

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Viewings - Applicant Feedback


Chasing an applicant for feedback 

From the Viewing record select Left Message.

On the next screen, you will see the aerial button to schedule a follow up and you can select the number of days in which this follow up is scheduled.  You also have the option to send a follow up email to the applicant. (Please note: this will only appear if the applicant has a valid email address)

Select "Yes" to send a follow up email, the template will be presented on screen to amend the content accordingly.

Once you click Save, the email is processed and a record of this is logged within the Notes section.


Adding feedback

Upon marking a viewing as Interested or Not Interested you can enter the applicant’s feedback.

This will update the Last Contacted Date and allow you to schedule a Follow Up if the applicant is interested.


Retrieving Applicant Feedback 

From the dashboard select Viewing feedback not passed on. This will produce a list of all feedback that has been entered onto the system that has not been passed onto the vendor(s).

Select the property you need to pass the feedback on for and you will be presented with the below screen

You will be presented with a mini contact card containing the vendor(s) name, contact numbers and email address. If a property has multiple owners a contact card will be displayed for each owner.

Hovering over the feedback will present you an edit icon () which, when clicked, allows you to edit the feedback without leaving the screen.

If you wish to email the feedback to the vendor tick which feedback you wish pass on and you will be presented with the email that you can edit before sending.

If you have already contacted the vendor you can enter their reaction. This will update the Last Contacted Date and add the reaction into the notes.