A Guide To Year End Reporting

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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A Guide to Year End and Audit Reports:


It is advisable to periodically generate reports that may be required by an Accountant / Auditor.

Reports that may be required;

  • Detailed Trial Balance
  • Cash Book
  • Reconciliation History
  • Deposits Held Report
  • Agency Income Report
  • Invoice Report


Trial Balance Report:

We recommend generating and saving a detailed Trial Balance at the end of each month and at financial year end. Please ensure you have drawn down any outstanding Agency Fees prior to generating the report. (The breakdown of Total Agency Fees are not included in the Trial Balances Report details)   

This Trial Balances Report gives you a ‘snap shot’ of your Client Account balances as at that point in time, this report cannot be reproduced historically.

  • Click Reports
  • Click Trial Balance
  • Select Detailed
  • Select Save Copy
  • Generate (Only available in PDF)



Cash Book Report:

The Cashbook report can be run at any point for a selected period. The report is a running balance of receipts and payments within a selected bank account.

  • Click Reports
  • Click Cashbook Report
  • Select Date Range
  • Select required Bank Accounts
  • Generate (Only available in PDF)


Reconciliation History

Allows you to select a date range and view all reconciled transactions on a selected bank account.

  • Click Accounts Dashboard
  • Select History against required bank account
  • Select Date Range
  • Generate (Only available in PDF)


Deposits Held Report

A list of all deposits held and their location. Can be run by office.

  • Click Reports
  • Click Deposit Held Report
  • Select Required offices
  • Generate (Available in both PDF and CSV format)

Agency Income Report

A consolidated Income Report laid out by Fee Type. Can be run by office.

  • Click Agency Income Report
  • Select required date range
  • Select required offices
  • Generate (Available in both PDF & CSV format)


Invoice Report

A chronological list of all Invoices and credit notes raised by the agency. Can be run for specific date ranges, for a range of invoice numbers and by office.

Please note that the status of 'Invoices Issued' covers both invoices where the full amount is outstanding and part paid invoices.

To distinguish between the two and identify the amount outstanding please refer to the Outstanding Invoices screen, available from the Accounts dashboard.

  • Click Reports
  • Click Invoice Report
  • Select date range or invoice number range
  • Select offices if required
  • Generate (Available in both PDF & CSV format)