How Do I Allow A Payment To A Contractor?

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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How do I allow a payment to a contractor once withheld through Pay Suppliers


When money allocates against a contractor it will go in to Pay Suppliers on the home screen in the accounts box.


You will need to click on Pay Suppliers You will then be taken to the screen below. The pay with either be by BACS or Cheque, depending on the supplier’s payment method. Once the payment method is selected you will need to click Next.


Once you have clicked next you will be able to see the payment to the supplier. Clicking anywhere on the payment to the supplier will show the information of the payment. If the payment has been withheld it will be greyed out. On the far right-hand side you will see in Red the word Allow. Clicking on Allow will allow you to pay the supplier and un-withhold the payment.