Add or amend payment details for landlords

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Add or amend payment details for Landlords

N.B. You may need to have both Bank Account Permissions -  View Bank Account Details /  Edit Contact Bank Accounts, to complete this process.

Go to the Landlord’s record within Jupix and click on the Landlord Ledgers tab. From this page you will see the subheading Payment Details.

To expand the details, click on the small arrow to the left of the title Payment Details. This is where you can amend or add new details, including the sending options for landlord statements.

Click on the Edit Payment Details link in the bottom right hand corner of the Payment Details section to edit or to add payment details.

This section allows you to name the landlord’s ledger, add their payment and bank details, and choose which Agency Bank Account payments are linked to.

You can add remarks to the landlord’s statements and also change the method a statement can be sent – Send by Email / Send by Post.