How Do I Generate A Statement For A Landlord Between A Certain Period?

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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I need to create a statement for a landlord between a certain period. How do I do this?


This report is called the Landlord Income report and will show consolidated rental income and expenditure for a landlord over a selected time period, this is often useful for Annual Tax returns.

To generate this report, go to the ‘Reports’ tab in the Residential Lettings side of Jupix, and find ‘Landlord Income Report’


Note that the date range is pre-set to the previous tax year dates. You can amend the date range that you would like the report to run for, and if you change the radio button to ‘Selected Landlords’ then you can search for the for the landlords name you would like to create the report for.

TIP: You can select multiple individual landlords under the Select Landlords options.


Once the landlord is selected, confirm to generate the report.


The report will then generate at the bottom of the screen as a PDF which can be saved or opened.


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