Adding a landlord ledger

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Follow the steps below to add a Ledger to a Landlord record.

N.B. You may need to have both Bank Account Permissions -  View Bank Account Details /  Edit Contact Bank Accounts, to complete this process.

When selecting a Landlord, if no landlord ledger is showing this will be as a ledger has not been created.

To create a ledger, go to the relevant landlord, select the Landlord Ledgers tab, then select Special Actions and Create Landlord Ledger 

This will then take you to another screen where you will need to add the details of the ledger, input the name of the property and all the payment details assigned to this ledger and then Save

When returning to the Landlord Ledger page, you will now see that you have a Ledger in the name of your property. You will now need to select Special Actions and then Assign Properties to Ledgers

Tick the box in the correct line and column to assign the property to the correct ledger and then Save, this will now ensure that anything added on the tenancy attached to the property will appear on the correct landlord ledger