Instructing A Property From A Market Appraisal

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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After processing the Market Appraisal and winning the Instruction you can Instruct the property For Sale.

Starting from the Home Screen there are various ways of bringing up the Appraisal record –

  • Via the Dashboard > Appraisals waiting decision
  • Appraisal tab at the top of Jupix > Search for the property
  • Use the find bar at the top of Jupix to search for the property.

On the Appraisal record you will see the Instruct property button –


When clicking the Instruct Property button it will take you to a page where you will be able to fill out more details about the property and the marketing details –


Further down this page you will see a Website Marketing section where you will be able to select which portals the property will be advertised on and whether the property requires a Website flag i.e. New instruction.


Once this has been saved you will be taken back to the Summary Tab of the Property and given the option to Put On Market –


Putting the property on market will change the status of the property to Instructed – On Market from Instructed – Off Market