Sending draft particulars

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Follow the instructions below to send  draft particulars for a property to a vendor

Click Property on the homebar, type the address of the property in the Find bar and click Go

Go to the Media tab and scroll down to Public Media click on Create New Brochure

In the new property brochure screen, under brochure options, choose the brochure template you wish to create and rename if required

Once the brochure has been created go to the Summary tab of the property record and click on Send Draft Particulars

On the Send Draft Particulars screen you will see the section Select Brochures For Approval. Here you can choose which brochure you wish to send to the vendor by placing a tick in the box where it says Select Brochures To Send. You will be able to preview the brochure before it is sent by clicking on Preview next to the selected brochure.

Under Sending Options you have to option to Include Cover Letter 

Choose how you want to send the brochure, such as Email, Post or Email and Post by placing a tick in the appropriate boxes.

Under Email Options you will see the default message to the vendor which can be edited if required.

You are also able to Preview the email before sending. Once happy with the information entered click Next.

You will now see a PDF preview of the cover letter and brochure. Click Send to confirm and send.


The Send Draft Particulars button will only show when a property is first instructed within Jupix. You will not get this option again if you take the property off market and re-market at a later date. 

To send the draft particulars on a remarketed property you will need to, save the brochure locally on your PC. Go to the Notes section of the property, click on Send Email. This will open a draft email from your email client on your PC. You can then free type a message to the vendor and attach the brochure to the email