How Do I Refund A Supplier Commission Taken In Error?

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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I have taken supplier commission from a payment in error, how do I resolve this?


Taking commission from a supplier puts this into the Agency pot, in this scenario the repayment of commission should take place outside of Jupix as this is now a transaction directly between the agency and supplier.

However, if you really want to show this in Jupix you will need to follow these instructions.  Firstly, you will need to have a Landlord ledger, you may want to create a generic landlord called ledger corrections or something similar, with the property set up as the office address.


On the landlord ledger, you will need to Refund Landlord Fees for the value of the total commission you took from the supplier.

Under Special Actions, click on Refund Landlord Fees and add the details of the refund.


Once saved, you will need to create a Landlord Expense payable to the Supplier for the same amount as the refund you have just raised. (Please see related articles) You will then be able to pay this to the Supplier.