Withhold Tenants Money

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
  • Updated

Receipt Tenants Monies as per usual, reconcile the entry so that the money is on the ledger. Then click on the Special actions button when on the summary page of the tenancy and then click ‘Withhold Tenants Cash’.


You can then insert the amount you would like to withhold with a reason for this.


The tenant's ledger now has an extra section called Cash Withheld (£). 


When posting an expense to the tenant ledger, you are now given the option ‘Use Withheld Cash?’ This will enable you to use the money you have withheld for the invoice.


If you need to release the money from withheld, you can add an expense payable to a supplier, tick Use Withheld Cash and then credit this invoice off and this will put the money back on to the ledger as available credit.