Why Is There No Management Fee Charged On A Landlord Statement?

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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When I go to generate a Landlord Statement, there is no Management Fee being charged. Why?



Go to the Tenancy Record and click on the Property Ledger tab.

At the bottom of this section you will find the Management Details, where you can check and amend the Management Fee.


Click on Edit Details, you can now update the Management Fee as required.

You should be able to apply the new fee to the current rent period as showing on the statement. If the tick box is not available then the rent has already be part paid to the landlord on a statement or a statement has been reversed. In this instance you will need to either credit off the rent and re-demand the rent or you will need to add a manual Expense payable to Agency.


Once saved the Management Fee will update on the pending Landlord Statement.


N.B. Updating the Management Fee on the Tenancy Record does not change the Management Fee on the Residential Lettings Profile of the Property Record and vice versa.