The Tenancies dropdown menu

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you first click the Residential Lettings department tab and then click Tenancies on the main homebar, a dropdown menu appears with the following options:


  • Find – Use the search field to find a tenancy that has been created in Jupix. Type part of the property address name (the first three characters) and click Go
  • Last Viewed - This allows you to retrieve the last three tenancy records you accessed
  • Categories - This section has three links:
    • My Tenancies - This lists those applications that you have put your name to
    • My Office Tenancies - This lists all those created by your office
    • All Tenancies - This lists all of your offices tenancies, should you have more than one
  • Lists – This section has four standard lists:
    • Tenancies Preparing – This is a list of tenancies that have had their application accepted, but aren't yet active
    • Tenancies Active – This is a complete list of live tenancies
    • Tenancies Finished – This is a list of tenancies that have ended, where the tenant has moved out and you have marked it as Finished
    • Tenancies Withdrawn – This is a list of tenancies that for one reason or another, tenants withdrew from the tenancy during the Tenancies Preparing stage
  • Saved Lists - If you click this, you can create bespoke lists from the standard lists
  • Key Dates - This section has nine lists within it. These lists are management tasks that are generated by date and that are currently outstanding. If you click on any of the list titles, the list opens for you to select the record you wish to view and update. Each of these lists has a section that allows you to refine the criteria
  • Advanced Search - This search tool allows you to define various parameters to your search for tenancies