Set Up A Supplier To Be Paid By BACS

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Set up a Supplier to be paid by BACS

Follow the steps below to set up a Supplier so they can be paid by BACS in Jupix.

N.B. You may need to have both Bank Account Permissions -  View Bank Account Details /  Edit Contact Bank Accounts, to complete this process.

Locate the Supplier that you wish to be paid by BACS.


Firstly add the Suppliers Bank Account Details.


Required Fields

Account Description – This is to differentiate accounts where say a supplier may have multiple bank accounts. You will require a description so in normal circumstances just use Rent or Supplier for ease.

Bank Name – Barclays, HSBC etc

Sort Code – Add as a six-digit number without dashes, hyphens, spaces etc.

Account Number – Standard is eight digits, however you can add up to sixteen digits for non-standard account numbers

Account In The Name Of – Supplier’s account name

Once a Bank Account has been added, you will need to Add Contractor Details.


Remittance Options – Send by Post, Send by Email or both

Payment Type – Cheque or Automated Banking. If no Contractor Details are added, the Payment Type defaults to Cheque. To pay by BACS set to Automated Banking.

Payee Name – Contractors Name

Reference Number – only if paying by BACS

Remittance Remark – This will appear on any Remittance created

Commission Rate – Allows you to set the Commission Rate that can be deducted from all Invoices created on this Supplier Ledger. Commission can be set as a Percentage or Fixed amount.

Liability Insurance Details – Allows you to record the Contractors Liability Insurance Amount and Renewal Date