Adding Utility Meter Readings

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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Adding Utility Meter Readings


This article shows you how to add utility meter readings at the start of the Tenancy. 

To record final meter readings at the end of a Tenancy on Check out, please see the related artice "Finishing A Tenancy"

1. Go to the preparing tenancy record that you wish to add a meter reading to.

2. Click on the Tenancy Started button, this will take you through to a screen where all meter readings can be added.

Please be aware that the Tenancy Started button is only available once both the Landlord and Tenant First Account buttons have been created and the ledger is clear.


Once clicked you will get the below screen where you can add in the meter readings. There is a section for Electricity, Gas and Water. You can also schedule the property inspections from this screen.


The Move In tab within the tenancy record is where the meter readings are stored. This can be edited to add the meter readings at a later date, if they are not available when starting the tenancy.