Deletions - Batch Records

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Batch Deletion is available to users with permission to use the function, and is a separate permission to the individual deletions permission. 

Batch deletion is available from lists of Applicants, Vendors and Landlords. These lists can be filtered to provide a list of contacts that you want to delete.

Once the filtered list has been prepared:

  1. Click Special Actions/Delete Selected Applicants (Landlords, Vendors or Contacts) depending upon the type that you are deleting
  2. The list will be checked against the deletion rules that have been turned on in your System Configuration
  3. A message will display telling you how many, if any, of the selected records have failed the deletion rules, and these will not be deleted

    Only the current page will be checked and actioned, the default number of records displayed per page is 50. This can be altered from the Results per page setting in the bottom left corner of the page, and be set to All, 10, 50 or 100

  4. Enter the Batch Action Code
  5. Click Confirm Delete

  6. The eligible records will be added to the list of records pending deletion, and you will be returned to the list of any remaining records, including those records that could not be deleted because they failed the rules set. A notification email will be automatically sent to designated members of staff, advising them of any batch delete requests, to help protect your business from accidental or malicious deletion of your clients details (The list of users receiving this email is set in Manage Users)

Pending Deletions

When Batch Delete is actioned, the records are not immediately deleted. Each record is anonymised so that no personal information can be viewed and it is added to the list of records pending deletion.

Attempting to search for the record that you deleted will display a no record found message. Only personal details are deleted and remaining records will not display personal details, instead it will show Deleted Contact.

This list can be managed by users with the relevant user permission, allowing 7 days for the record to be restored, if need be. This will allow a period of time for you to ensure that the record was not accidentally or maliciously deleted.  

If no action is taken within 7 days, the record will be irrevocably deleted.

Active Record checks

A number of checks are made before a record can be deleted to ensure that it is no longer active. This is so that, for example, you are not left with entries on your dashboard that you are no longer able to clear.

These include:

  • There should be no Appraisals Pending or Carried Out - Pending Follow Up
  • Vendors can’t have a Property Instructed On/Off Market or Completed - On Market
  • Landlords can’t have a Property Instructed On/Off Market or Let - On Market
  • There should be no Sent Details not Followed Up for Matches
  • There should be no Pending Viewings or Viewings Requiring Follow Up
  • There should be no Pending Offers
  • There should be no Current or Exchanged Sales
  • There should be no Applications with an Offer Pending or References Pending
  • Tenancies must be Withdrawn, Terminated or Finished
  • A person can’t be deleted if linked to an open Maintenance job, it must be Cancelled or Invoice Paid
  • Leases should be Declined, Terminated or Expired
  • Solicitors can’t be deleted if linked to an Active Sale
  • To Do's must be Completed

If a record can’t be deleted because it failed any of the active record checks, you can review the details for that person, and complete any outstanding tasks.

You should then be able to delete the record, subject to any the other rules passing, where turned on. If you are unable to delete a record you will still have the option to archive it.