Add Agency Invoices To Landlord Statements

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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Follow the steps below to add Agency Invoices to landlord statements that are generated within Jupix

Go to the Landlord record within Jupix, click the Landlord Details tab and click Edit Details.


From this page you can choose whether the landlord should receive invoices as backing sheets to their statements.

This allows for the following scenarios:

  • the landlord is happy to work directly from the statement and does not require detailed VAT invoices. Invoices can be re-produced on demand at any time should they be required on an invoice by invoice basis
  • the landlord requires that each statement has all supporting invoices attached as backing sheets for their internal accounts processing

This can be set at agency level and overridden for each landlord if required. To do this you will need to do the following:

Click on the Admin drop down menu and select Lettings Configuration.


Select to Edit Lettings Settings and scroll down to Lettings Financial Settings.


If you change the setting above you are then given the option to apply this change to all your current landlords where:

  • Yes - apply the "attach invoices to statements" setting chosen to ALL current landlords irrespective of their current setting 
  • No - leave all current landlords to function using their current setting but use the "attach invoices to statements" setting chosen as the default when creating all future landlords

From here you can also set up for Supplier invoices to be attached to statements.