Appraisal Dropdown Menu

Paul Hanlon
Paul Hanlon
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Clicking on the Appraisals button will open its dropdown menu. The items in this menu are purely to do with appraisals. You will find the Appraisals menu on the menu bar at the top of your Jupix account.

To find an appraisal that has been created or carried out in Jupix previously, you can type part of the property address into the Find box, or to create a new appraisal, Click on the Add New Market Appraisal.

  • The next section called Last Viewed, will allow you to retrieve the last five appraisals you have accessed.
  • The Categories section is made up of links to lists of appraisals that are either yours or your offices. All Appraisals will list all the appraisals of all your offices. All the lists in this section will show ALL the appraisals, lost or outstanding.
  • The Lists section comprises of five standard lists and link to Saved Lists. Saved Lists is a function that allows you to create bespoke lists from the standard lists.
  • Advanced Search is a tool for you to define various parameters to your search for appraisals.

The Last Viewed function keeps a list of the last appraisals you accessed. By Clicking on one of the links Jupix will open the Market Appraisal record for the property.