The Applicants dropdown menu

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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When you click Applicants on the main homebar, a dropdown menu appears with the following options:

  • Find - Use this field to search for existing applicant records
  • Add New Applicant - This opens a new applicant information screen for you to complete
  • Last Viewed - This shows the last 3 applicant records that were accessed
  • Categories - This allows you to search for records according to the records status in various ways, for example, Searching Applicants, Hot Applicants, All Unqualified, My Applicants etc
  • Lists - The Lists section provides you with lists of applicant records that need dealing with, for example, Expiring In Next 7 Days or Not Contacted In Last 30 Days. You can also view applicants with pending matches
  • Saved Lists  - This contains applicant lists that have been created by a user
  • Advanced Search - If you click this, you can generate an applicant list to your own specifications

 Best practice

To get the most out of the matching, mail out functions and your applicant database, we recommend you archive your expired applicants regularly (through prompts on the dashboard) and take advantage of the text functionality as well as email correspondence